Complete Anatomy 2018 3.4.0 Torrent Free For Mac

By | October 7, 2018

Complete Anatomy 2018 3.4.0 Torrent is here. Get ready to experience the anatomy learning platform most advanced in the world.


complete anatomy torrent

Complete Anatomy 2018 3.4.0 Torrent For Mac

With revolutionary innovations such as patented state of the art tools, audio and 3D with muscles moving, you can free yourself from other static atlas and increase their learning in a whole new way! Medical students, medical professionals, and lifelong learners will love interacting with more than 6,200 high-resolution anatomical structures in stunning 3D.

A winner of Apple Design Award 2016 FULL ANATOMY perfectly combines intuitive design with an anatomical precision. An exclusive selection of world-renowned experts anatomy has joined to form the Academic Review Board recently established to guide the model to even greater levels of detail. Transform material traditional learning 2D and 3D bring anatomy to life with features like search nerve pathways and tools that help visualize complex functions, such as muscle innervation, single layer guide to identify the parts of bone/surface points of origin and / muscle insertion. Do you want to create your own content instantly? Manipulating the model is easy and intuitive, add labels or tools to your liking, then click Save. Our integrated platform cloud application for sharing provides an easy way to share this content with other users or with your own private group or university.

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